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International Workshop on Computer Aided Processing of Intertextuality in Ancient Languages

Lundi 02 juin - Mercredi 04 juin 2014
Enluminure de ms. "Nain juché sur un géant"

This workshop was initiated as the conclusive meeting of the project Biblindex, funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), which aims at establishing an exhaustive statement of the biblical references found in the texts of the Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

At this meeting, organised by Marco Büchler, (GCDH), Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond (LIRIS) and Laurence Mellerin (HiSoMA), will be gathered computer scientists and digital humanists, specialists of corpora written in ancient languages. The planned sessions aim to present the state of art regarding concepts and technics used to process quotations in ancient languages. A lot of projects work nowadays on various corpora, asking similar questions about text-reuse. Comparing experiments, we hope to clear perspectives to mutualize developments and methodological choices, in order to build a federative project at the European scale in the coming years.

The first session will be devoted to mutual project presentations. Afterwards, the various stages of quotation processing will be discussed in four workshops. The first two of them will tackle the preparation of sources and the automatic retrieval of concording text places: interests and complementarities of statistical and linguistic approaches will be compared. The next two will focus on the conceptual definitions, the modelling of the unstable idea of “quotation” and the XML-TEI encoding to implement for its characterization, in close interdependence with visualization choices.

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Bâtiment Blaise PASCAL, INSA, Campus de la Doua, Villeurbanne

Room 501.337, 3rd floor
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